Dumbass White Bitches

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                                                         Whussup homies. Welcome to dumbass white
                                                           bitches. Me and my brutha's love finding little
                                                       white twats and rippin' em up. These stupid
                                                         broads love black meat and we love givin' it
                                                         to em. I can just imagine what their cracker
                                                            ass daddies would think if they saw what their
                         little darlings wuz doing.

                                                          So if you wanna see some rich teen cunts get
                                                        put in their place sign the fuck up. We're on
                                                        this Adultbouncer thing, which means if you
                                                            join you get access to hundreds of other sites
                                                     and movies. Its only$29.95, which is even
                                   less then a case of malt liquor.

                                                           Let the dumbass white bitch fuck party begin!

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